• BC Culture Days 2023 Ambassador Series

    For the 2023 BC Culture Days A/I/R Ambassador series, I was chosen as one of 10 ambassadors to receive a mentorship and support in offering free, ...
  • Top 5 Products That Make My Heart Happy

    In no particular order, here's 5 products I offer that make my heart happy. I strive to offer a wide range of unique products, and am always trying out new techniques to grow my skills.

  • Recommended Comic Conventions in Canada

    Here is a list of recommended comic conventions in Canada. Most of these were attended in 2022, and I look forward to attending conventions internationally in the future. It is a dream of mine to be invited as a guest or panelist to a convention.

  • First Commission Through the Website!

  • Happy 10th Anniversary to the Mindless MUSE Gang!

    It has been ten years since the first comic I ever made featuring Eri and Celeste! To celebrate, I redrew it in my current style. Let me know if y...
  • So this is a thing?

    Hello lovely people! Thank you for visiting and I hope we build a long relationship of loving art and cats!  I am trying to expand my reach to allo...