Looking to make an event or art installation extra special?

Erin to the rescue! You can hire Erin to do a wide variety of events such as birthdays, weddings and staff parties. She is happy to work with you to make any event special, and can even be convinced to travel out of the Kootenays with enough notice/travel compensation. 

A banner from Erin's 2019 Solo Art Show. The banner includes comic overlay imagery in the title "MUSE"

Art Show - $100+

Invite Erin to participate in a solo or group exhibition

Example of quick commission portraits that Erin offers. These are drawn on the spot in less than 5 minutes.

    Portraits - $250+

    Erin can illustrate portraits of your guests on 4x6 pieces of card stock in archival ink. 

    • These are a show-stopper, and a unique gift for attendees of any event.
    • People will walk away with an original illustration that they watched get created in 5 minutes (or less).
    • All ages love this as an experience, and can be an excellent offering between a wedding ceremony and reception. 

    Three images of various types of workshops that Erin can offer. Panel one is an illustration. Panel 2 is a clay sculpture. Panel 3 is a perspective drawing illustration. Panel 4 includes a sewing machine and drawstring bags.

    Workshop - $322+

    Birthdays, Bachelorettes, Family Reunions and more!

    • Erin can run a workshop at your event, like a comic jam, illustration lesson, craft tutorial, and more!
    • Most workshops can be done with materials found around the house, but if you want supplies provided, she can bring them for an additional fee.

    Erin painting at a live event, where she was tasked with making a painting in only 20 minutes.

    Live Illustration - $250+

    Want to commemorate your special day? Consider having Erin capture it during the event. 

    • Erin can do a live, full colour digital illustration during your event. It can then be printed and framed after for an extra fee.
    • Guests will be enamored with the live aspect of this artwork, and depending on the venue, Erin can even bring in a television set or projector to show off her artistic progress.
    • She can also be requested as an acrylic live painter, with additional fees for the canvas and paint. 
    Artist Talk - $250+

    Invite Erin to speak at an event about a multitude of topics: 

    • Artistic process
    • A specific series or body of work
    • Art business management
    • Imposter Syndrome
    • How to break into comics

    Additional Considerations:

    Some information to think about before requesting a quote for your next event:

    • Many of these prices are based on Section 4 of the 2021 Fee Schedule of CARFAC BC, which provides suggestions for minimum rates.
    • If the price is a barrier, please contact me directly to discuss potential grant applications or sponsorship options for your organization.
    • Erin is based in Trail, BC. Any travel will be added on to the base event cost.
    • These prices are based on 4 hours of travel and labour total. (3 for Workshops)