Top 5 Products That Make My Heart Happy

In no particular order, here's 5 products I offer that make my heart happy. I strive to offer a wide range of unique products, and am always trying out new techniques to grow my skills. Even the simplest product could have actually taken a significant amount of time and effort, so I wanted to talk about the process for these products.

#1 - Sparkly Cat Lino Print

This piece was highly requested, since I had a similar block in a smaller size already. The process to make these is a bit stressful! I first need to carve out the image in a lino block, making sure to do everything in reverse. I really like the "messy" look to block prints, so when carving, I make sure not to remove all of the material, leaving unique spots in the negative space of the piece. After carving, I then coat the block in ink, making sure there isn't too much, and then press a piece of paper on it to print the image on it. I use water-soluble ink, so I need to work fast so that the ink doesn't dry. I can get about 20-30 minutes of printing accomplished before the ink gets too tacky and essentially useless. 

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#2 - Cabin Cat At Sunset

Originally a simpler illustration in "Natural Cats" I was inspired to remake it as a digital print. I decided to refine it, and add my own cat in the piece. It was an excellent exploration of light and shading, and I really enjoyed the process. It feels like every illustration I make is slightly more complex than the last one, so this one took over 12 hours to complete. Well worth it though!

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#3 - Birdur

This was by far the most time-consuming colouring book I've ever tackled. Not only are the images more complex, but each region featured had thoughtful research included. I read over 30 studies and articles, as well as researched 21 unique bird species. This project was created for my MA in Illustration, and I am incredibly proud of the work I was able to accomplish in the span of only 12 weeks. I partnered with Australian Wildlife Conservancy and $2 from the sale of each colouring book goes towards conservation efforts. 

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#4 - 1up Mushroom (But also... all of my dice bags!)

I used to heat press cricut-cut vinyl onto store-bought bags, but I wasn't entirely happy with the fact that the bags came from China. So... I started manufacturing my own. Once I got comfortable with block printing, I started redesigning my old vinyl designs into block prints, and I am so much happier with them. Since it's fabric ink, there's no risk of cracking or falling off like with vinyl. The bag also moves better to accommodate dice, since there isn't vinyl constricting movement. Even though I sew and print on these, it's still faster than it used to be! I really love the little details that would be impossible with vinyl as well, like the little swirl on this mushroom. 

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#5 - Custom Comic Commission

These are a labour of love! I absolutely adore being tasked with unique and custom comics for people. It makes my heart feel so full knowing that my art is being treasured. 

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What's your favourite product? Any ideas for future items? Drop me a line!