• Portrait Talk | Couple Comic | Daily Life Comic

    While practicing life drawing skills, I did a few drawings of Spencer. I ended up filling in some empty space with song lyrics and he was incredibly skeptical of them. I did have to reassure him that he has never uttered anything that sappy.
  • Dry Hands | Couple Comic | Daily Life Comic

    I’ve had eczema most of my life, and it can get aggravated by stress as well. While it can be managed, it’s just been brutal with the extra stress of school and work.

    I hope everyone is doing well! I’m trying to relax a bit with colouring and video games.
  • Sweater Weather | Daily Life Comic | Couple Comic

    I wore a sweater backwards for an entire day, only noticing once Spencer got home.

    It is my 30th birthday today and I am feeling very spoiled. I’m already more calm now that the day has come, and I’m enjoying all the visits and dinners I went to this past weekend. Thank you everyone for your kind words at my meltdown last week.
  • Freezing | Couple Comic | Daily Life Comic | Cat Comic

    I was SO cold today. By 3pm I was curled up on the couch under an electric blanket. It doesn't help that I was wearing capris and my cat was in front of the heat register.
  • Owl | Couple Comic | Daily Life Comic

    I just couldn’t stop thinking about this leggy owl from last year’s Comictober. So I thought I would redraw the comic, as well as turn it into a block print! This means I’ll be able to make shirts and bags in the future. For now, I have a few prints available.
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