• New Years Eve | Daily Life Comic | Friendship Comic

    Kind of a different post! (And 9 days late…) I rang in the new year with some lovely people and wanted to make a comic to commemorate the evening. The fire was also quite fun to draw.

    When confirming the amount of hangovers, I did get some fun stories of the party aftermath that I may make in the future. Spencer also took a few videos of me singing that I made him delete.
  • Terrifier 2 | Funny Life Comic | Film Comic

    A friend of mine was very insistent on seeing Terrifier 2, and it luckily came to our small town theatre. Moments before heading over there, he mentioned that he hates clowns. Considering it’s a slasher film about a murderous clown… I was surprised at this last minute revelation.

    The film definitely had its moments, but it didn’t really compare to “Irréversible” or “Martyrs”. There were long gaps between horror scenes, and most deaths weren’t any more gratuitous than “Hostel”. I do think it was stylistically interesting, and the effects were fantastic.
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    The Devil’s Lettuce may have been involved in this interaction…
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