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A mom and daughter find a movie to watch while the internet is down. The toddler asks to watch Lord of the Rings and mentions a "scary monkey" in it. The husband shows a picture of "Gollum" to the toddler and she confirms he's the scary monkey.

An oversized truck knocked down the internet yesterday afternoon so we decided to throw on a blu-ray to keep Tabby entertained. She asked for "Rings" and we are not the type of people to say no to a journey to Middle Earth. She mentioned that there's a "scary monkey" in it... as in Gollum 🤣

The internet was fixed before we could throw on Two Towers, which maybe was a good thing because we only own the Extended Editions.

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope we can practice compassion, kindness and patience with each other in 2023. I've got some workshops and events that I will be advertising more next week, once we recover from the holiday hangover.

Thank you all for supporting my little comic, and I hope to make more awesome stuff in 2023!

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