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Various rules about couches are illustrated, such as couches covered in plastic and not sitting in a certain spot.

We can all be weird about our own couches, but it can be jarring when visiting others and encountering their own quirks! I tend to follow the host’s lead on drinks and feet up, etc, but sometimes a rule can come out of left field! What’s the weirdest couch rule you’ve encountered?

I asked you folks about your ideas in order to craft this comic. Thanks to @lizzyrhymeswithblue @kingbearington @authorbrittanyleonard @leannalovescoffee and @brookbrinson for submitting your quirks! It was funny to see overlap as well as very specific rules.

I’m hoping to sneak one more comic in before the new year, but I’m fighting off a cold and filling up my steam library, so if I’m not back at it before the 31st, happy new year!

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