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A bird is sitting on a branch. He calls out for his friend, Greg, and sees that Greg is in the mouth of a cat.

Birding with a Touch of Murder: A Colouring Book of Bird Predation

21 images of birds in the mouths of predators, with facts about each species, information about conservation efforts, and what you can do to support bird populations around the world. 

The widespread effects of bird predation are hard to quantify and devastating. In particular, ground-nesting and urban birds are at risk due to various forms of predation and environment loss. Whether they are directly being affected by feral cat colonies, or the victim of indirect predation after a window collision, bird populations around the world are dwindling.

A portion of this project's proceeds will be donated to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Since birds are very difficult to track population-wise, more research needs to be funded, as well as support provided for current efforts, like cat and fox-free safe havens, reducing toxoplasmosis transmission, and feral cat colony management. 

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