About the Artist

Erin is a comic artist and illustrator based in the Kootenays of British Columbia. She has a BFA in Visual Arts from the University of Victoria and has been making art for over 20 years. Her work consists of magical skeletons, time travelling warriors and cats... lots of cats!

Erin has been making art for almost 20 years, and started drawing digitally in 2009. She is influenced by Japanese manga and North American graphic novels. Specific examples include Sailor Moon, Chibi Vampire, Scott Pilgrim, Ranma 1/2, Princess Knight and Ouran High School Host Club.


Erin has a Minor in Film Studies, and is greatly interested in Film and Television. A lot of her work includes comments about current shows and movies. She also has an entire series of illustrations that parody popular culture. Originally, they started as cat parodies, but she has now branched out to other animals, including deer and badgers.

When Erin is not creating art, she spends time with her family, hikes mountains, and plays video games.