• Puss in Boots (2022) Comic Review | Film Review

    I was honestly shocked at how good "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish" was, and a bit mad. It was touching, well-crafted, and entertaining. The fact that this touches on serious issues of mortality and trauma is already impressive, but it is also a dynamic and engaging adventure movie.
  • Portrait Talk | Couple Comic | Daily Life Comic

    While practicing life drawing skills, I did a few drawings of Spencer. I ended up filling in some empty space with song lyrics and he was incredibly skeptical of them. I did have to reassure him that he has never uttered anything that sappy.
  • Self Love | Daily Life Comic | Body Positivity

    To contrast all the “new year, new me” posts, I had this lovely moment of self love the other day. Just happy in my skin and loving who I am today ❤️ I know it can be hard seeing bodies that are perfectly sculpted all over our feeds, but I encourage you to think of something that you genuinely love right now about yourself. Not the ideal you, or the social media version, just you in your skin, loving yourself.
  • Name Change | Final Fantasy 9 | FF9 Comic

    I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 9 on the treadmill again, and got wistful memories of how I used to name my characters. Since I didn’t usually identify with the main character, I’d name the female party member after myself instead, opting to name the protagonist after my current crush 😳- at some point I got sick of restarting my game when I got a new crush, so I began leaving the default names.
  • New Years Eve | Daily Life Comic | Friendship Comic

    Kind of a different post! (And 9 days late…) I rang in the new year with some lovely people and wanted to make a comic to commemorate the evening. The fire was also quite fun to draw.

    When confirming the amount of hangovers, I did get some fun stories of the party aftermath that I may make in the future. Spencer also took a few videos of me singing that I made him delete.
  • Lord of the Rings | Toddler Comic | Parenting Comic | Daily Life Comic

    An oversized truck knocked down the internet yesterday afternoon so we decided to throw on a blu-ray to keep Tabby entertained. She asked for "Rings" and we are not the type of people to say no to a journey to Middle Earth. She mentioned that there's a "scary monkey" in it... as in Gollum 🤣
  • Couch Rules | Funny Comic | Relatable Comic

    We can all be weird about our own couches, but it can be jarring when visiting others and encountering their own quirks! I tend to follow the host’s lead on drinks and feet up, etc, but sometimes a rule can come out of left field! What’s the weirdest couch rule you’ve encountered?

    I asked you folks about your ideas in order to craft this comic. Thanks to @lizzyrhymeswithblue @kingbearington @authorbrittanyleonard @leannalovescoffee and @brookbrinson for submitting your quirks! It was funny to see overlap as well as very specific rules.

    I’m hoping to sneak one more comic in before the new year, but I’m fighting off a cold and filling up my steam library, so if I’m not back at it before the 31st, happy new year!
  • Dry Hands | Couple Comic | Daily Life Comic

    I’ve had eczema most of my life, and it can get aggravated by stress as well. While it can be managed, it’s just been brutal with the extra stress of school and work.

    I hope everyone is doing well! I’m trying to relax a bit with colouring and video games.
  • Sweater Weather | Daily Life Comic | Couple Comic

    I wore a sweater backwards for an entire day, only noticing once Spencer got home.

    It is my 30th birthday today and I am feeling very spoiled. I’m already more calm now that the day has come, and I’m enjoying all the visits and dinners I went to this past weekend. Thank you everyone for your kind words at my meltdown last week.
  • Birthday Blues | Turning 30 | Life Stress

    I’ve been in a funk for the past few days, partly due to finishing the semester and losing a lot of creative momentum. My birthday tends to hit me hard because it’s so close to the end of the year, and I end up reflecting on my accomplishments and setbacks. I’ve been dreading 30 for the past year, and I don’t think I ever could measure up to the expectations I’ve put on it at this point.
  • Leftovers | Toddler Comic | Mom Life | Daily Life Comic

    Tabby somehow managed to get pizza on her shoulder, and like any reasonable person, attempted licking it off. 

    Waste not, want not. I swear, this kid surprises me every day.

  • Freezing | Couple Comic | Daily Life Comic | Cat Comic

    I was SO cold today. By 3pm I was curled up on the couch under an electric blanket. It doesn't help that I was wearing capris and my cat was in front of the heat register.