• Algorithm

    An ode to the algorithm. I have been creating content, but it’s quite dark. Being away from my family and going through a career shift has been pre...
  • That’s Rough, Buddy

    Some days it’s rough… That’s why I tend to pick more inexpensive events, and always remember that I’m not only selling products, but marketing th...
  • The Hard Way

    The Devil’s Lettuce may have been involved in this interaction…
  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Thanks so Matcha

  • Tiny Human

  • Call Me Beep Me

    Tabitha has been watching Kim Possible a lot, and sometimes I will call when she is about to watch it. She unceremoniously ends the phone call and...
  • Comictober Preview (Zine Out Soon!)

  • Autumn Snuggles

    I've only been able to visit once over the Fall Semester, and I soaked up as many cuddles as I could. Tabitha was so sweet - it was difficult to l...
  • Cursed Garment

  • Free Fallin'

  • Decisive Monday