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Comics & Prints

Feel free to contact me at if you see anything you would like to purchase – you can also purchase through Etsy or Amazon for certain items.


Mindless MUSE Volume 1
Etsy – $18.00
Amazon Kindle – $6.99
Skeleton Joe Finds Fresh Fruit
Etsy – $7.00
Skeleton Joe and the Day of Mild Inconveniences
Etsy – $7.00
Skeleton Joe’s Fishing Jamboree Extraordinaire
Etsy – $7.00
Mindless Web – $7.00
Mindless Movies – $7.00


Please contact me directly if you would like to purchase any of these prints – they all vary in size and price, starting at $3.00 for a 4×6 print.

Store Page

You can buy an assortment of my comics and prints through my Etsy Store. Thanks for the support!

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