Degrees of Jennifer Aniston Map

Conceived as an interactive map project for my MA Illustration Program through Falmouth University, this exploration of romantic film connections is tied to my practice as a film commentator. The map features over 175 films, all seen by myself, with reviews, tropes and complementary comics alongside this intertwined web of cinema.

I spent several months researching ways to expand and evolve my practice, and found inspiration in my comic reviews of movies. I have a particular soft spot for romantic comedies, so I wanted to craft something that not only shows how interconnected they all are, but also the language involved in their creation by exploring their tropes and overall quality.

Romance tends to be looked down upon as a genre, even though it also breaks a lot of barriers in the amount of female writers and directors it employs, compared to other genres.

The rules are:

  • I must have seen the movie at least once
  • I can end any thread at any point
  • The connected actors must have been a romantic coupling in the film that links them. Unlike Degrees of Kevin Bacon, this map does not consider all actors in the film.
  • Only movies, no TV shows! Grey’s Anatomy alone would have broken my brain.

Check out the interactive map here:

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