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Happy Birthday, Spencer!

Happy Birthday, Spencer! published on No Comments on Happy Birthday, Spencer!

It is very clear that Link cannot wait to Bomb some Dodongos.


This is from the Wand of Gamelon, an unfortunate creation made for the CD-I, that through some weird loopholes was able to get the rights to make Legend of Zelda games. This game, as well as Link and the Faces of Evil, are some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen. Broken gameplay, terrible cinematics and mostly just a great stain on such a creative and wonderful series of games. I am 99% sure these CD-I games were made for the lulz.

First Spark – Nov 2013

First Spark – Nov 2013 published on No Comments on First Spark – Nov 2013

This is a series of five comics of various styles and writers, created for a December 2013 critique for 4th year Visual Arts at UVic. “Lesha” is based on a Russian fairy tale; “Rainbow Kitty” was written by Spencer Crispin; “The Adventures of Pieangle and Oofusday” was written by Victoria Kolsut; “The Princess who Swallowed a Fly” was written by myself; and “Road to Nowhere” was inspired by a random plot generator. All of these were printed as either standalones or a full issue with colour covers, and are available upon request.

Flight 17 to Love – Written and Illustrated by Spencer Crispin

Flight 17 to Love – Written and Illustrated by Spencer Crispin published on No Comments on Flight 17 to Love – Written and Illustrated by Spencer Crispin

“Flight 17 to Love” was written and illustrated by Spencer Crispin. Spencer is a very talented writer, favouring surrealism and science fiction. This comic is a nice chance of pace, with a more straightforward plot, with attempts made instead to accomplish an interesting visual experience versus a wordy, fully developed narrative. Physical copies are available upon request.

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