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I have extensive experience with comics, illustration, animation, drawing, painting, digital media and graphic design, and would be pleased to teach classes or workshops! Below are some workshops I have participated in/are in the works.

Illustration & Comic Workshops at the VISAC

Two 3-hour workshops were held at the VISAC Gallery in January & February 2019.

Illustration – we focused on the art of the line and building confidence while drawing. This was a more advanced course and expected participants to already be comfortable drawing. Some activities we did were: Exquisite Corpse, Contour Drawing, Blind Contour Drawing, & Book Illustration.

Comics for Beginners – starting with an introduction to Scott McCloud’s book “Understanding Comics”, we then moved into some exercises: Head Illustration, Comic Jams, Parallel Line Drawing, and a final project where we designed our own character to be included in everyone’s short comics.

Acrylic Workshop

In June 2019, I ran a 4-week workshop at Cabine in Rossland, BC. We had an amazing time together, making group projects, doing colour theory and ending the class with a critique on our final paintings.

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